An inspirational meeting of pupils, students and scientists with the world-famous mathematician and Field’s medalist Cedric Villani took place on March 16 in the Big Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. During the meeting-conversation, he shared with his young audience his experience in scientific work and how mathematics could be exciting and pleasant to learn.

The meeting was of great interest, especially on the part of the youngest who had filled up the Hall. There were students from Sofia High School of Mathematics, the National Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 18th High School, 9th French Language School, Viktor Hugo French School, students from the Sofia and Technical University, scientists from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies – BAS .

Academician Julian Revalski, the President of BAS, opened the event and presented Cedric Villani as one of the most passionate ambassadors not only of mathematics but also of science around the world. And he added: in this sense, he does something that is of great importance now that there are great difficulties in motivating young people to devote themselves to science.

After the meeting, Acad. Revalski bestowed on the French scientist the honorary sign of the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in science and its popularization.

For the first time such an event was broadcast live on the site of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and a record of it can be viewed Here.