A Research and Industry Laboratory “Industry i2030” (RILab i2030) was opened on May 13th at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It is structured in nine laboratories located at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT – BAS) and at the Institute of Mechanics (IMech – BAS).

The opening was also attended by EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, who pointed out the importance of this cooperation as a sign of a European-wide trend. She identified the RILab i2030 as an innovation lab that simultaneously draws the attention of the young scientists who want to stay on our continent but also on the business, showing how important digitization is.

The event was attended by Yordanka Fandakova, mayor of the capital, and the Deputy-Minister of Science and Education Karina Angelieva.

RILab i2030 aims to integrate science, business and education in the area of digital technologies and to offer small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech industry support for research, joint innovation and research projects.

The Lab will help to exploit and commercialize the results of research, technology transfer and the realization of innovative products. The RILab i2030 will provide training for PhD students and postgraduates, pupils and students in practical STE(A)M work and internships as well as training in industrial digitization. Training courses will be organized to raise the skills of SEE engineers and the qualifications in new digital technologies.