A delegation of 10 US scientists from the National Science Foundation (NSF) visited the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE-BAS), on 22 July 2019. At the meeting, the scientific infrastructure and activity of the researchers from INRNE were presented in order to prepare and implement future joint projects.

The opportunities for collaborative work and research by the production of radioisotopes for medical applications were discussed. The Deputy Director of the Institute, Prof. Dimitar Tonev, presented the project of INRNE – BAS for the construction of a National Cyclotron Center based on a TR24 cyclotron produced in Canada. The purpose of this modern accelerator is to produce PET and SPECT isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with oncological diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiac problems and other diseases.

The US scientists highlighted the importance of collaborating in research on nuclear physics and nuclear medicine as a priority. In view of the outstanding benefit to society of these studies, they emphasized that projects such as those carried out by INRNE – BAS were important not only for the Balkans and Europe, but also for the world.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Karina Angelieva, also attended the meeting.