With a solemn concert and spectacle at the National Palace of Culture, the culmination of the festivities, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences celebrated 150 years since its foundation.

The festive concert-spectacle was attended by President Rumen Radev, the Deputy Prime Minister Mariyana Nikolova, the Minister of Education and Science Krassimir Valchev, the Minister of Culture Boil Banov, the Vice-President of the National Assembly Kristian Vigenin, the Chairpersons of the Committees on Education and Science Milena Damyanova and on Environment and Waters – Ivelina Vassileva, other representatives of the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly, the judiciary, local authorities, religious communities, foreign guests, representatives of the scientific community and supporters of BAS.

The foundation of the Bulgarian Learned Society 150 years ago, nowadays – the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – is an important civilizational act in our history with which Bulgarian spirituality and science became a full-fledged part of the cultural processes in Europe and met the social requirements of modern times. With these words, the President of BAS, Professor Julian Revalski, DSc addressed all the scientists and guests of the holiday. Speaking about the history of BAS, Academician Revalski pointed out that the Bulgarian Learned Society had become the first institution with political and representative functions for the Bulgarian society even before there was a free Bulgarian state.

The scientists of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences are making discoveries that, without exaggeration, can be described as revolutionary since they are recognized as achievements that have pushed the development not only of Bulgarian but also of world science and technology, noted in his speech Professor Revalski. He also spoke about the expert activities of BAS which were extremely important for the state and daily useful for the society. It is extremely important for us to maintain the status of the Academy over the years as an authoritative and independent scientific, spiritual and expert center, added Prof. Revalski.

In his welcoming speech, the President of BAS emphasized that the Academy remained the largest and most effective scientific center in Bulgaria and recalled that it provided more than half of the country’s scientific output visible in the world’s databases. The Academy is fully integrated into the European and world research area, said Academician Revalski.

In conclusion, he noted that on the holiday, this gives reason for the scientists at the BAS to feel deserved pride for the accomplished mission bequeathed by the founders of the Learned Society. Owing to you, dear colleagues, who have devoted your personal and creative destiny to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – it will live on, said Professor Revalski.

The Minister of Education and Science, Krassimir Valchev, congratulated the scientists on behalf of the government. The history of the Academy is the history of the third Bulgarian state, he said, adding that the contribution of BAS is in all spheres of public and spiritual life. A bow to all Bulgarian scientists, said the Minister of Education and Science. We need to work together in a partnership. If we work together, Bulgaria will move forward, he highlighted.

We are in a period of major transformation and we rely on scientists – for the climate challenges, for the treatment of dangerous diseases, and to preserve our national identity in a globalizing world, he noted. We count, as a state and society, on BAS; we must work together and find better tools to interact, said also Minister Valchev.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of BAS, President Rumen Radev congratulated the scientists and bestowed the honorary badge of the Head of State to the President of the Academy, Professor Julian Revalski. The distinction is for the institution’s overall contribution to the development of science and its active role in the development of all spheres of life as well as for its exceptional merits in preserving the tangible and intangible cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.

In his welcoming speech, President Rumen Radev spoke about the moral power and foresight of the Bulgarian intelligentsia in establishing the Bulgarian Learned Society. Before there was a Bulgarian state, they laid science as the foundation in the path to freedom and progress. This is the healthy genetic code of BAS, the President said.

Nowadays, BAS is proud of its scientific institutes and its scientists – our national capital, called to open Bulgaria’s doors to the world. Bulgarian science is actively working today, in co-operation with partner centers, to make optimal use of the European open science concept, said President Radev. He added that modern science is becoming more resource intensive and that young Bulgarian scientists often choose foreign institutes, scientific centers and laboratories to realize their potential. Our indispensable national commitment remains the priority development of our institutes, universities, academies and scientific units, said President Rumen Radev.