The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa honorary title to Dr. Nat Gopalswamy of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The title is awarded for his achievements in the field of solar and solar-terrestrial physics. The solemn ceremony was held in “Prof. Marin Drinov” hall at BAS.

Dr. Nat Gopalswamy is one of the most eminent astrophysicists in the world. His research is dedicated to the occurrence of Sun events with an effect on the Earth and is of great practical application. With these words the President of the Academy, Prof. Julian Revalski, member of BAS, presented the scientist.

Dr. Gopalswamy works in close collaboration with scientists from the Space Research and Technology Institute of BAS in the field of space weather. His articles in the field of solar-terrestrial physics and space weather are widely used. Solar-terrestrial physics is a relatively new scientific field that has been gaining increasing scientific and practical importance lately. With the development of technology, human civilization is becoming increasingly dependent on adverse weather conditions in space (the so-called “space weather”) which can cause disruption of satellite and terrestrial systems, communications, navigation, electricity transmission and gas networks and even human physiological condition and thus disrupt the rhythm of life around the world.

Dr. Gopalswamy delivered a lecture on “An Outstanding Problem in Solar Physics and its Recent Resolution” in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.