The Vice-President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences corr.-mem. Konstantin Hadjiivanov was invited by Tongji University in Shanghai, China, under the Jiangnan Master Lecture program.

For his overall research, he received the Jiangnan Distinguished Professorship Award. It was presented by Professor Chi Zhang, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Science and Engineering. After the ceremony, Prof. Hadjiivanov delivered a lecture on “Understanding Processes on Solid Surfaces by Vibration Spectroscopy”.

Corr.-mem. Konstantin Hadzhiivanov is one of the few world-renowned scientists in the area of chemistry invited by the university in the framework of the program. It started in 2015 and addressed optical, electronic, catalytic and magnetic molecular materials as well as inorganic chemistry. Tongji University is among the leading Chinese universities and occupies 312 position in the world ranking.