Center for Advanced Microscopy for basic and applied research in biology, medicine and biotechnology was opened at the Institute of Molecular Biology of BAS (IMB-BAS). The Center is part of the Euro-BioImaging Consortium (, in which 14 European countries participate. The confocal microscope system Andor Dragonfly which is among the most advanced combined microscopic observation systems for the study of living cells by super-resolution was presented at the opening. The event was attended by the Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Karina Angelieva, the President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Member of the Academy, the Scientific Secretary of BAS of division “Biomedicine and Quality of Life” Prof. Nina Atanassova, scientists and journalists.

Assoc. Prof. Stoyno Stoynov of the Institute of Molecular Biology of BAS presented the activity which will be carried out at the newly opened Center for Advanced Microscopy. He explained that microscopic imaging and analysis technologies play an important role not only for the development of basic research but also for applied innovations in the field of biological and biomedical research. These technologies help researchers to make breakthroughs in biological discoveries and implement innovations in medicine, diagnostics, drug development, biotechnology and molecular ecology, said Assoc. Prof. Stoynov.

The apparatus of which Bulgarian scientists are going to dispose will help to study the living cells of the human body and will allow studying the changes in them that lead to the development of socially significant diseases. The human body contains about 200 types of cells, with about 70 000 damages occurring in each of them, and they need to be monitored and analyzed, explained Prof. Stoynov. He added that the super-resolution of the new microscopic system will allow monitoring of changes in cells that occur when treated with drugs.

The center at IMB-BAS is among a total of 20 centers in Europe where scientists will be provided with access to highly specialized equipment for studying living cells. The research data will be processed and stored on a server system for a period of 4 years.

The presented modern equipment is the first important module of the Center for Advanced Microscopy at IMB-BAS.