Bulgarian space foods, drones’ capabilities demonstrations and the newest ideas for remote earth sensing from space are just some of the topics that the Space Research and Technology Institute at BAS (SRTI-BAS) spoke about on its Open Door Day on the occasion of the 50th anniversary from its establishment. For the first time, the institute also showed a pilot training simulator.

There is also a Technology Transfer Center in SRTI-BAS. A three-dimensional model of Sofia created on the basis of satellite images for analysis and evaluation of air pollution showed the scientists. Another current project is related to the determination of water quality owing to satellite images from space – it has been applied to Varna Lake and Iskar Dam on a test basis.

The office also promotes information on space programs and, in particular, Earth observation. Its mission is to be a link between innovative aerospace research technologies and their users.

Visitors had the opportunity to see the laboratories, learn more about the Bulgarian footprint in exploring the possibility of a space mission to Mars and current projects that scientists are working on.