The Korean Development Center (KDI) which is a partner of the Economic Research Institute of BAS under 3 international projects has been recognized as a leading think tank in the world. This is indicated by the University of Pennsylvania ranking Global Go To Think Tank Index Report (TTCSP) on think tanks and civil societies in 2019 which involved a total of 8248 institutions. In the rankings not including the USA, KDI is ranked 6th, and with the USA – 19th in the world.

The partnership of the economists of BAS with the Korean Development Center is under the project “Developing an Early Warning Framework for Detecting Crises in Economic Sectors in Bulgaria: Based on Korean Economic Development Experience”, in the framework of the Knowledge Sharing Program of the Korean government. Prior to it, the two research structures have implemented 2 more international projects under the same program.

The title “Center of Excellence” is awarded by TTCSP for the achievements of institutions that have been ranked first in a category for several consecutive years. KDI has been in the “Top Think Tank in Asia” category for 6 consecutive years, and in the “International Development” category for 3 consecutive years. Our Korean partner is also the only think tank in Asia to receive the Center of Excellence nomination in two separate categories among the 15 institutions that received recognition in 2019, ERI – BAS reported. They added that KDI was ranked high in a total of 12 key categories, thus reaffirming its status as an internationally recognized leading think tank.