Today, a team of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has been attached to the National Operational Staff to help with real-time data on the spread of coronavirus as well as predictions. This has been made clear at a briefing at the Council of Ministers today.

Biologists and chemists from BAS are supporting the activities of the government and the National Operations Staff to limit the spread of the coronavirus. From today on, we will participate with capacity and expertise in the field of mathematical modeling in biology, said the President of BAS, Prof. Julian Revalski, Full member of the Academy.

He pointed out that BAS scientists have been working with models they have been developing in recent years on a national scientific program for information and communication technologies in the fields of science, education and security. The goal is to use mathematical models in the field of epidemiology so that we can make predictions about how the dynamics and processes related to the spread of coronavirus will develop in the future, said Prof. Revalski.