The economists of BAS have developed three scenarios for the macroeconomic consequences in Bulgaria of fighting COVID-19.

  • What is unique about the current situation is that the underlying recession is based on the vulnerability of the human factor;
  • Express analysis assesses the socio-economic consequences of combating COVID-19;
  • An overview of the monetary and fiscal measures taken in the states – main trading partners of the country has been made;
  • Three possible scenarios for the development of the Bulgarian economy by the end of the year are proposed;
  • The measures taken by the government so far have been evaluated and some specific recommendations have been made.

Three scenarios for the macroeconomic consequences in Bulgaria of the fight against COVID-19 are offered by the Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The express analysis was developed on the basis of information on the spread of the infection and the government measures taken valid as of 12 April this year, and scientists are going to update their forecasts whenever new and significant changes occur.

You can see the full text here: