The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences provides online access to its latest projects in the field of culture and education under the motto “Learn something new while at home”. On the eve of Easter, you can visit virtual archeological exhibitions, multimedia libraries and scientific collections, get acquainted with artifacts from museum funds and scientific units, read books and encyclopedias, watch movies and video lectures or play online.

The materials are in the field of Bulgarian language, literature, Balkan studies, Thracology, history, ethnology, folklore, arts, archaeology, Cyrillo-Methodian studies, museology.

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences wish you a bright Easter, lots of health, peace and faith!

National Archaeological Institute with Museum

Digital exhibitions on the website of NAIM at BAS:

Archaeological Exhibition Catalogues Online

Institute for Bulgarian Language “Prof. Lubomir Andreychin”

Language Tasks and Dictations for Online Student Learning:езикови-задачи-и-диктовки-за-онлайн-об/

Institute for Literature

“Bulgarian Literary Classics – Knowledge for All. Unknown archives and cultural contexts”:

Series of lectures on classics:

Encyclopaedia “Bulgarian Revival. Literature, Periodicals, Literary Life, Cultural Centers”, item 2:

“Ivan Shishmanov Virtual Library”. Bulgarian Literature in Translation”:

“Bulgarian Literature after the Liberation (1878): Persons and Processes, Documents and Artifacts (Digital Dictionary)”:

Mixed collection of Bulgarian literary facts:

Topics of Memory Related to Foundational Moments of the Life and Work of P.P. Slaveikov:

“The Slavic Physiologus. Byzantine Revision: Electronic Text Edition and Comparative Study”:

“Scripta Bulgarica: Digital Library for Old Bulgarian Literature”:

“Repertorium of Old Bulgarian Literature by Computer Means”:

“Southern and Eastern Slavs: Diversity and Interaction of Written Cultures of the XI-XXI Centuries”:

“Bulgarian Literary Modernism”:

Institute of Balkan Studies and Center of Thracology

On the Relations of Bulgarians with Thessaloniki in the Past and Today: Memories, Studies, Interviews:

Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum

Online electronic publications in the field of ethnology and folklore:

Please read “Ethnology and Epidemics” series on the Facebook page of IEFSEM:

An online study on the effects of Covid-19 on mobility; the survey can be filled in here:

Online virtual tour of the exhibition “Garden – Times and Spaces”:

“Easter Week”:Национален-етнографски-музей-БАН-National-Ethnographic-Museum-BAS-100608078294311/

Institute of Art Studies

Free access to valuable editions of arts and culture online:

Arts Platform: Interviews with Bulgarian Artists on the Situation Caused by the Pandemic:

Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center

Virtual Exhibition “Three Epochs of the Bulgarian Icon”:

Nine video lectures on topics studied at secondary schools in the field of Medieval and Slavic Studies:


Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

Multimedia Digital Library “Virtual Encyclopaedia of Bulgarian Iconography”:

Encyclopaedia Slavica Sanctorum „Saints and holy places on Bulgarian lands in e- and book format “:

Web-based game application for interactive presentation and study of Thracian civilization and culture: A serious educational game: “Thracians”

Central Library of BAS

Online Collections for Culture: Libraries, Collections, Incunabula, Rare and Valuable Editions:

On the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the birth of the patriarch of Bulgarian literature Ivan Vazov, Central Library – BAS presents editions of his works, stored in the library’s fund: