At the first meeting of the Eighth General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (GA), Prof. Evelina Slavcheva was elected Chair of the supreme management body of the Academy

Prof. Evelina Slavcheva was elected with 75 votes “for” from the present 86 members. Only her nomination was raised for the leadership post. She was a Chairman of the Seventh General Assembly of BAS (April 26, 2016).

The first meeting of the General Assembly of BAS was opened by the President of BAS, Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy, who greeted the elected members and wished them for the next four years to continue working to raise the prestige of the Academy.

Thanking for the trust, Prof. Slavcheva recalled the basic principles in the work of GA so far. Among them are the rule of law, equality of all members of GA, flexibility, interaction with the Management Board of BAS, respect for the Assembly of Academicians and Corresponding Members as well as care for young scientists.

Since 2015, Prof. Evelina Slavcheva has been the Director of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems of BAS (IEES). She is founder and head of the section “Hydrogen systems with polymer electrolyte” in IEES. An expert in the fields: hydrogen generation by electrolysis of water in cells with polymer electrolyte, fuel elements, electrocatalysis, electrochemical sensors, functional electrical stimulation, corrosion.

The election of the Deputy Chairman and Secretary of the General Assembly will continue at the next meeting which the newly elected Chairman of GA has scheduled for 6 July, Monday.

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest collective governing body of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The activity of the General Assembly is carried out on the basis of the Law on BAS, the Statute of BAS and the rules adopted by the General Assembly. The members of the General Assembly are elected by secret ballot by the general assemblies of scientists in the permanent scientific units of BAS. The term of office of the members of the General Assembly is four years. The management of the General Assembly consists of a chairperson, two deputy chairpersons and a secretary.