The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies – BAS with the financial support of the Management Board of BAS held the thirteenth Spring Seminar of doctoral students and young scientists. It took place from 22 to 24 June in the form of a webinar with the participation of doctoral students, young scientists and postdoctoral students from eleven institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and two universities.       

Colleagues outside Bulgaria also joined the seminar, held online. The presented reports covered current areas of modern science and provoked interest and discussions with the topics they raised.

Traditionally, the program was attended by leading our scientists with scientific and educational lectures in the field of chemistry, physics and materials science,. These are Prof. Margarita Apostolova – IMB, Prof. Tanya Tsoncheva – IOCCP, Prof. Zara Cherkezova-Zheleva – IC, Prof. Darinka Hristova – IP, Prof. Krassimir Temelkov – IFTT, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Avdeev – IPC and Assoc. Prof. Veselin Tonchev – Faculty of Physics, Sofia University.

The coverage of hot topics such as COVID-19 – from the nature of the virus that caused the infection through its individual interaction with the human body, to patterns of infection as well as topics related to the European green deal, in its part on the use of green energy, circular economy and storage of rare and critical raw materials, aroused interest among the participants.

In the spring seminars of doctoral students and young scientists from BAS, so far 286 young scientists, doctoral students, students and postdoctoral students have taken part, and 56 prominent Bulgarian scientists working in current fields of modern science with 100 scientific reports have contributed to the establishment of the seminar as an important event in the scientific calendar.