The eleventh scientific session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Polymers – BAS, was held on 10.09.2020. For the first time the forum was held in the open, in front of the building of IP-BAS, due to the imposed emergency safety measures in connection with the epidemic situation. The session is organized every year in June. Despite the three-month delay, 29 young scientists took part presenting a total of 27 poster messages. Most of the participants were students in the Student Internships-Phase 2 program as well as young scientists from institutes of BAS (IOCCPC, IPC, IGIC, IEES, etc.) and from various Universities (FCP-SU, UCTM, FP-MU and more).

A scientific jury of three habilitated scientists awarded the authors of 3 poster messages. Awards for overall presentation of the posters were received by: Erik Dimitrov (student at MU, chemist at IP-BAS) for “New polycaprolactone / polyglycidol block and star copolymers using the so-called “click” chemical reactions: Synthesis and characterization”; Selin Kyuchyuk (student at UCTM, chemist at IP-BAS) for “Novel polymeric nanosized systems containing biologically active compounds: preparation and antioxidant activity”; Siyka Stoilova and Karolina Ivanova (students at FP-MU, interns at IP) for “Preparation of mixed mesoglobules from cationic thermoresponsive copolymers”.