President Rumen Radev visited the Institute of Molecular Biology and the Institute of Microbiology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Scientists from four institutes of BAS from the research division “Biomedicine and Quality of Life” presented their research and current scientific developments. The President of BAS – Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy, and the Scientific Secretary-General, Prof. Evdokia Pasheva, took part in the meeting.

The Institute of Molecular Biology conducts scientific researches in the field of cell biology, molecular genetics and bioorganic chemistry for application in medicine and pharmacology. Some of them are related to autoimmune diseases, biology of aging, genome stability and ecology, said the director Prof. Iva Ugrinova. She acquainted the head of state with the most modern microscopic laboratory included in the European network Euro Bioimaging and the laboratory for proteome analysis.

The Bulgarian vaccine against COVID-19 is being developed at the Institute of Microbiology, said during the presentation the director Assoc. Prof. Penka Petrova. Scientists are also studying the qualities of native yogurt and have developed a Bulgarian-Chinese project, which they gave as a good example of cooperation with business. In the Institute, President Radev visited the laboratories for immunology and cancer research. Assoc. Prof. Andrey Tchorbanov presented the international cooperation with the Pasteur institutes.

The Director of the Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering Prof. Tania Pencheva emphasized the successful cooperation with the largest hospitals in Bulgaria. A computer system for mechanical ventilation, an apparatus for electrochemotherapy of tumours and a system for quality control of cardiac massage during resuscitation have been implemented.

A new direction in the work of the Institute of Experimental Morphology, Pathology and Anthropology with a Museum is virtual anthropology, said the director Prof. Svetlozara Petkova. At the moment, the exhibition “The Great Epidemics in History” can be viewed in the museum.

During his visit to the institutes of BAS, President Rumen Radev addressed the scientists with the words: I am proud of what I see – not only of your scientific achievements but also of the way you treat your noble mission, of the way you develop Bulgarian science, at a global level, from your commitment to the future of Bulgaria.

Most of all, scientists are the people with whose help we can take the right path that will lead us to prosperity and sustainability, said the President and thanked for what scientists had done at the beginning of the crisis with COVID-19. You have given confidence to our medics that this pandemic can be controlled. It showed us that we need constant maintenance of scientific capacity, the head of state noted.

The expert potential of the scientists of BAS assists in solving important problems for the society. A team from the Institute of Molecular Biology and the Institute of Microbiology of BAS participated in the launch of the PCR laboratory in “Pirogov” Hospital.