A team from the Institute of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of BAS, led by Prof. Dimitar Karastoyanov, won the Award for Best Innovative Project in the competition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The project is entitled “3D DIGITIZATION OF NATIONAL CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL HERITAGE SITES” and a total of five patents are used in it. The project is also designed for blind people, using Braille screens and Braille displays.

The ceremony of awarding the winners in the competition of the Innovation Council at BCCI was held on 23.10.2020. The event was attended by the Vice-President of BAS, Corresponding Member Prof. Kostadin Ganev, and Acad. Nikola Sabotinov, Co-Chairman of the Innovation Council and former President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

In the category “Most successful innovative company”, “SENS Corporation” Ltd. was awarded. The company created its own cosmetic brand SHIMANI Smart Skincare and is the first in the world to use trivalent iron in the fight against aging. The company “ISIMAT BG” which is developing the first innovative online educational platform to help prepare and self-prepare students in mathematics was awarded second place in the category for the most successful innovative company. The company “ONDO SOLUTIONS” Ltd. with a subject of activity development of specialized software for devices for air analysis in agriculture and control of light, humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and other indicators in greenhouses and others agricultural areas was ranked third in the category.

In the category “Best Innovative Project”, after the team of IICT-BAS, a team of two universities in Varna with leaders Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva, Head of the Department of Computer Science at Varna Free University and Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Pavlov from the Medical University of Varna ranked second. The project is entitled BioMed Varna and is an inter-university research ecosystem that integrates practices between medicine and computer science. In the third place, the Innovation Council awarded a team from the Maritsa Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Plovdiv with coordinator Assoc. Prof. Daniela Ganeva for the project “Establishment of a Center for Plant Systems Biology and Biotechnology for transfer of basic research into sustainable bio-based technologies in Bulgaria”.

In the category “Most promising innovative start-up”, the first prize was won by the start-up “TOP INNOVATION” EOOD for its project “Innovative solar beach umbrella” which serves for charging mobile devices, cooling drinks, information about cultural and historical sites in the immediate vicinity, prevention of accidents on the beach, etc. The second place is occupied by a team from the Institute of Agricultural Economics and New Bulgarian University with coordinator Mrs. Bozhura Fidanska for the start-up “AGRI SMART TECH INNOCENTER”. It offers innovative solutions to farmers using new “smart” technologies to build sustainable agriculture and protect the environment. The third place in the category is taken by the start-up DH Creative Lab with project manager Mr. Lyudmil Duridanov for the development of two innovative products: the mythological game “The Magic of Orpheus” and a new innovative pedagogical method.