Representatives of IEFSEM – BAS participated, on 17 December, in the last meeting for the year of the Council for Work with Bulgarians Abroad to the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, at which the successful implementation of the initiative “Awake Bulgaria” was reported. The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with Ethnographic Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the main partner in the initiative and, in addition to its expert work, it has been actively involved in its promotion outside the boundaries of the country.

“An important and strong sign for us is that we are together with scientists who have dedicated many long years in the study of Bulgarian traditions, folklore and customs of our compatriots abroad,” said Vice President Iliana Iotova. “In fact, they are working on the same issues that are troubling us,” she added.

“The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with Ethnographic Museum is the scientific institution that has been systematically researching Bulgarian communities abroad for decades,” said the director, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Penchev.

During the meeting, IEFSEM – BAS presented the film “Ambassadors of Spirituality” by Ch. Assist. Professor Dr. Lina Gergova, showing the way of work of Bulgarian migrant organisations (schools, dance groups, choirs, churches) in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

“Awake Bulgaria” collected messages from Bulgarians from five continents on the occasion of 1 November – the Day of the National Revival Leaders. All materials are publicly available at this link: