Twenty-five scientists from BAS are among the top two percent of top scientists in the world, according to a ranking by Stanford University. Bulgarian researchers are from different fields of science and occupy a leading position in the ranking of the American University in competition with millions of their colleagues from around the world.

The ranking groups all researchers in 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. It is compiled on the basis of a complex analysis which includes information on the number of citations, H-index, corrected in co-authorship Hm-index, citations of articles within different positions of authorship and others.

Here is the list of scientists from BAS in the order of their appearance in the ranking as well as the place they occupy in the respective field:

Name Field
Krassimir Atanassov # 150 in Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Konstantin Hadjiivanov # 53 in Physical Chemistry
Vassya Bankova # 91 in Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry
Dimo Kashchiev # 740 in Chemical Physics
Detchko Pavlov # 377 in Energy
Stanislav V. Vassilev # 573 in Energy
Andrey Milchev # 527 in Fluids & Plasmas
Donka Andreeva # 389 in Physical Chemistry
I. Avramov # 3496 in Applied Physics
Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev # 1825 in Nuclear & Particle Physics
Alexander Milchev # 1274 in Energy
Dotchi Exerowa # 2124 in Chemical Physics
Violeta Velikova # 3598 in Plant Biology & Botany
D. Karagiozova # 985 in Mechanical Engineering & Transports
Vladimir Dobrev # 1942 in Nuclear & Particle Physics
Ivaylo Ivanov Christov # 833 in Biomedical Engineering
Alexander Rachev # 882 in Biomedical Engineering
Ivan S. Gutzow # 3598 in Applied Physics
Vessela Tsakova # 1263 in Energy
Milen I. Georgiev # 732 in Biotechnology
Krassimir Panajotov # 667 in Optoelectronics & Photonics
Stephan Armyanov # 3054 in Energy
Alexander Karamanov # 3598 in Materials
Pavel Peshev # 3978 in Materials
Tsvetan Dachev # 869 in Aerospace & Aeronautics


Apart from BAS, the ranking also includes the names of scientists from Sofia University  “St. Kl. Ohridski ”, UCTM and other higher schools, among which are the members of the Academy Academician P. Kralchevsky, corresponding member N. Denkov, corr. mem. N. Vitanov, corr. mem. D. Tsalev and corr. mem, K. Danov.