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Regional Academic Centre – Gabrovo organized a discussion on the connection between business and science

  The implementation of closer cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), universities and business was the main goal of the discussion organized by RAC-Gabrovo in the Technical University (TU) in the city. […]

Online cybersecurity bulletin

An online bulletin for up-to-date information on cyber threats and attacks related to the COVID-19 pandemic and possible solutions is published on the website of the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of BAS (IICT – BAS). The bulletin will be published in Bulgarian and English and is a joint initiative of IICT – BAS and the British Embassy in Sofia. […]

A national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence in Bulgaria until 2030 was developed by BAS

A team of scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and attracted external experts developed a draft National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to support the creation of strategic documents for the digital transformation of Bulgaria in the next decade. The proposed project is based on European Commission documents that consider artificial intelligence as one of the main drivers of digital transformation in Europe and a significant factor in ensuring the competitiveness of the European economy and high quality of life. The specific aspects of the European vision for the creation of “reliable artificial intelligence” are outlined, in which technological progress is accompanied by a legal and ethical framework to ensure security and consumer rights as well as measures to [...]

Award of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of BAS for high achievements for 2020

With the Award for Excellence in Mathematics for 2020, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of BAS (IMI) honors Greta Panova, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California. The award will be presented during the international conference “Mathematics Days of in Sofia” in 2021. The winner of the award is determined by an international jury of prominent world experts in the field of mathematics. The IMI Mathematics Prize is awarded to Bulgarian citizens up to the age of 40. For the first time, the winner is a woman. So far, the award has been presented in 2014 and 2017 at the conference “Mathematics Days in Sofia” (MDS). The third edition of the forum was supposed to take place this year but the organizers are [...]

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A robot for disinfection of premises was invented by scientists from the Institute of Robotics of BAS

Scientists from the Institute of Robotics of BAS have created a robot for disinfection of premises which can be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The innovation is applicable to automated biological decontamination of homes and health facilities, kindergartens and schools as well as all floor surfaces contaminated with multi-resistant bacteria and superbacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. The invention is registered with the Patent Office and is applicable to all areas requiring highly effective disinfection procedures. […]

Cyber risks, threats and security measures related to COVID-19

The ten most current risks and threats of techno-social type related to COVID-19 for 2020 are analyzed by scientists at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of BAS (IICT). Practical protective measures are also proposed. Summarized data from the analysis of Assoc. Prof. Zlatogor Minchev and Assistant Professor Ivan Gaydarski of the “Information Technologies for Security” department of IICT-BAS give current priority to threats and risks related to attacks on key online services and vulnerabilities in the Home Office working organization. Other important ones at the moment are: phishing threats and malware attacks. Growth in significance, but to a lesser extent, is also expected in terms of crypto-virus attacks, vulnerabilities in popular applications, robocall scams, fake applications and news, gray-market scams and malicious domains. [...]

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