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Research center in mechatronics and clean technologies in Plovdiv will provide innovations to business

The Research Center in Mechatronics and Clean Technologies at the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics of BAS in Plovdiv is an example of how research leads to innovation. This was said during the official opening of the complex by the President of the Academy, Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of BAS. He added that he was glad that this was happening in a city with a developed technological industry such as Plovdiv.           […]

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Eleventh Scientific Session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”

The eleventh scientific session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Polymers – BAS, was held on 10.09.2020. For the first time the forum was held in the open, in front of the building of IP-BAS, due to the imposed emergency safety measures in connection with the epidemic situation. The session is organized every year in June. Despite the three-month delay, 29 young scientists took part presenting a total of 27 poster messages. Most of the participants were students in the Student Internships-Phase 2 program as well as young scientists from institutes of BAS (IOCCPC, IPC, IGIC, IEES, etc.) and from various Universities (FCP-SU, UCTM, FP-MU and more). […]

New materials for orthopedic implants are being developed at BAS

Laser-induced micro-foam of chitosan as a tissue-implant interface for application in tissue engineering. Laser processing of biocompatible polymers and ceramics for use in surgical interventions will be performed by scientists from the Institute of Electronics of BAS. The goal is to create antibacterial surfaces that will help patients recover faster after surgery. Laser-treated implant materials will accelerate cell development and postoperative wound healing. A cell attached to a layer of collagen that has been laser treated. The research is part of a project under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Program, Innovative Training Networks. Scientists from 18 organizations across Europe are joining a network to create materials with antibacterial properties that are suitable for use on orthopedic implant surfaces. New coatings will be applied [...]

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Scientists from 15 countries have joined an international school of condensed matter physics

The 21st International School of Condensed Matter Physics (21st ISCMP) was held from 31 August to 4 September 2020 at the Frederic Joliot-Curie International House of Scientists. The organizer of the scientific forum on "Achievements and perspectives in functional materials" is the Institute of Solid State Physics at BAS. Scientists from 15 countries took part in the 21st ISCMP, and young researchers from Bulgaria predominated among them. The participants in the school discussed in five thematic panels. Reports were presented with the scientific results achieved so far and future challenges in each of the thematic areas. Proceedings of the conference, after review, will be published in the Journal of Physics Conference Series by IOP publishing house. Selected reports of the lecturers are planned to be [...]

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Regional Academic Centre – Gabrovo organized a discussion on the connection between business and science

  The implementation of closer cooperation between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), universities and business was the main goal of the discussion organized by RAC-Gabrovo in the Technical University (TU) in the city. […]

Seminar – webinar of doctoral students and young scientists “Interdisciplinary Chemistry”

The Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies – BAS with the financial support of the Management Board of BAS held the thirteenth Spring Seminar of doctoral students and young scientists. It took place from 22 to 24 June in the form of a webinar with the participation of doctoral students, young scientists and postdoctoral students from eleven institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and two universities.        […]

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