National Laboratory of Computer Virology

The National Laboratory of Computer Virology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the only scientific unit in Bulgaria specializing in the field of computer virology, working to ensure maximum computer security, communication security and data security.

The Computer Virology Laboratory (CVL) was established in 1990 by a decision of the Presidium of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, defining computer viruses and their varieties as main scientific issues. In 1994, with a decision of the Sixty-sixth Meeting of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 13.06.1994, the laboratory was renamed to the National Laboratory of Computer Virology (NLCV) and various aspects of the information security were added to the scientific issues.

The National Laboratory of Computer Virology at BAS is an academic specialized unit for:

  • fundamental and applied research;

  • consultancy and expert activity;

  • application of scientific results;

  • training of highly qualified specialists,

as well as for other activities under Art. 2 of the Law of BAS, in the field of:

  • creation and research of mathematical and heuristic methods and tools for analysis and evaluation of computer viruses;

  • creation and updating of existing computer virus database / knowledge;

  • creating and researching fundamentally new methods of computer security and anti-virus protection;

  • approbation of national and international software and hardware methods and tools for computer security and anti-virus protection.

In general, the Lab’s activities are related to counseling, training, prophylaxis, data recovery, system recovery, assessment of access systems, protection systems approbation, detection, analysis and evaluation of malware. The implementation of the scientific and applied research results of the Laboratory is mainly conducted in processes of interaction with governmental organizations, industry, educational public and private institutions, and end users.