Economic Research Institute

The mission of the Economic Research Institute (ERI) of BAS is to support the economic development and successful integration of Bulgaria into the EU through research, assessments and proposals on the economic policy of the state and business as well as training of scientists and specialists.

Research activity

In accordance with the Institute’s research program, the theoretical and applied research is focused on five main priority areas: competitive and sustainable economic development; sectoral and regional development; economy and management of the company; labor market, social protection and human capital; economic integration in the EU, opportunities and challenges of Bulgaria’s participation in the world economy.

Scientific-applied projects under contracts with ministries, agencies, state bodies, non-governmental organizations and companies are being implemented. Strategic documents are developed, expert and consultancy services are provided, analyses and surveys are carried out and objective and independent assessments and opinions are delivered, trainings for the state and non-governmental sectors, the businesses and social partners are held.

There are international projects under contract with European and other foreign and international institutions and programs. The Institute maintains a wide partnership network with similar organizations from Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa, and successfully collaborates with a number of academic institutions and universities in the country and abroad, with global, European and national institutions, networks and structures.

The Institute is a center for scientific discussions, organizer, co-organizer and participant in numerous international and national scientific forums. The ERI of BAS has a significant publishing activity: two indexed and referenced journals, an Annual Report, an academic series of monographs and encyclopedic editions, etc.

Educational activity

The Economic Research Institute of BAS has long traditions and is a recognized center for the preparation of Bulgarian and foreign specialists in seven doctoral programs: Political Economy; National economy (including regional economy and history of national economy); Finance, Money circulation, credit and insurance; Statistics and Demography; World Economy and International Economic Relations; Economy and Management; Marketing.

The Institute organizes a specialized course for PhD students on “Methodology of Scientific Research” designed to provide the methodological and methodical basis necessary for the development of doctoral theses.

Brief history

The Economic Research Institute was established as an independent specialized unit of BAS in the field of economic science and research in 1949. Currently, it is the leading national academic center in the field of economic science in Bulgaria and has the highest rating in the field of social sciences at BAS received by the external international evaluation of the Federation of All European Academies and the European Science Foundation in 2009. It is among the first 10% leading economic institutes in the world by publications and citations, registered in international databases and the network for dissemination of scientific publications in the field of economics RePEc.

Scientists with rich expertise in research, education, administration and state and business management, well known in the academic community at home and abroad, winners of state awards and distinctions including four academicians and four corresponding members of BAS such as Academician Ivan Stefanov, founder of the unit, and Academician Evgeni Mateev have been working at the Institute.