Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies "Acad. Jordan Malinowski"

The mission of the Institute of Optical Materials and Technologies (IOMT) “Academician Jordan Malinowski” is to:

  • Conduct fundamental research on the interaction various types of radiation with condensed matter;
  • Develop high-technology materials, methods and technologies for optical applications in flexible transparent electronics;
  • Create novel materials and registration systems for ecology and biomedicine;
  • Train highly qualified personnel in these areas;
  • Conduct interdisciplinary research and joint projects with experts from other research units;
  • Implement the scientific product through innovation and knowledge transfer to industry.
Research activity

The research activity is developed in two main thematic areas: “High-tech optical materials for application in photonics, sensory and organic optoelectronics” and “Process monitoring and visualization of objects with holographic methods for recording and processing of information”.

For the period since the establishment of IOMT, in 2010, until present significant fundamental and applied research results have been achieved reflected in more than 450 publications, over 300 of which with impact factor or impact rank as well as 35 monographs / chapters of books. Over 2000 citations have been noted.

One of the greatest achievements of the team is the successful implementation of the project “Development of applied research in IOMT through development of high-tech optical materials for modern applications” worth BGN 4.6 million under OP “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007- 2013 “. The modern equipment purchased under the project as well as the new specialized laboratories for its functioning created conditions not only for conducting scientific and applied research at contemporary European level but also for improving the quality of training of PhD students, young scientists and specialists.

As the most prominent scientist who worked at the Institute, Academician Jordan Malinowski (1923-1996) stands out: founder and long-time director of the Central Laboratory of Photoprocesses; President of BAS; winner of a number of prestigious national and international awards; member of the American society for photographic science and technique; honorary member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain; corresponding-member of the German Society for Photography, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts; Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Mons, Belgium.

Scientists from IOMT are members of prestigious international scientific societies: Optical Society of America (OSA), International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), European Physical Society (EPS).

IOMT has developed a technology for the production of linear and circular encoder gratings for position sensors, ready to be implemented in small and medium-sized enterprises.
Three-dimensional holographic images of museum exhibits, archaeological and other objects are created at IOMT in order to preserve and promote the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.

A permanent holographic exhibition, open to external visitors, is exhibited in the building of the Institute. Holographic exhibitions are organized in the country and abroad, thus expanding access to cultural products for more and more citizens.

Educational activity

Doctoral Programs:

  • In 2014, IOMT received accreditation from NEAA for doctoral studies in all three specialties for which it had applied, namely:
  • Professional field 4.1. Chemical Sciences, “Physical Chemistry”
  • Professional field 4.2. Physical Sciences, “Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Condensed Matter”
  • Professional field 4.2. Physical Sciences, “Physics of Wave Processes”

Other educational initiatives:

  • IOMT has been participating in the project “Student practices”, BG051PO001-3.3.07-0002, which is implemented with the financial support of Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, cofinanced by the European Social Fund of the European Union
  • IOMT conducts teaching and training of pupils from secondary schools (National Vocational High School in Precision Engineering and Optics “Lomonosov” and Vocational High school in Mechanical Electrotechnics “Nikola Vaptsarov”)