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Eleventh Scientific Session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”

The eleventh scientific session “Young Scientists in the World of Polymers”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Institute of Polymers – BAS, was held on 10.09.2020. For the first time the forum was held in the open, in front of the building of IP-BAS, due to the imposed emergency safety measures in connection with the epidemic situation. The session is organized every year in June. Despite the three-month delay, 29 young scientists took part presenting a total of 27 poster messages. Most of the participants were students in the Student Internships-Phase 2 program as well as young scientists from institutes of BAS (IOCCPC, IPC, IGIC, IEES, etc.) and from various Universities (FCP-SU, UCTM, FP-MU and more). […]

The scientists from the Institute of Polymers-BAS are developing modern polymer materials on a world level

Recent developments in new polymers, advanced polymer materials and cutting-edge technologies noted by world science and with an expected effect on issues that are important to society have been presented by the Institute of Polymers of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Intelligent polymers and polymeric materials reacting to temperature and environmental changes, application in membrane technology or as optical moisture sensors, fibrous implants compatible with human stem cells and new wound dressings, development of new materials based on natural products (such as propolis, curcumin, etc.) or carriers of antitumor drug substances are just some of the topics presented by scientists in the campaign. […]

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