The new issue of the German "Yearbook of European Ethnology" is dedicated to Bulgaria

jv-jahrbuch-fuer-europaeische-ethnologieOn 13 December at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum - BAS the presentation of the published in 2016 Volume 11 of the Jahrbuch fuer Europeische Ethnologie (Yearbook of European Ethnology) took place. The book is dedicated to Bulgaria and most authors are from IEFSEM - BAS.

The compilers of the volumes Prof. Daniel Drascek (University of Regensburg) and Klaus Roth (Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich) have selected texts by sixteen authors (fourteen from Bulgaria and two from Germany) analyzing the different aspects of everyday culture of the contemporary Bulgarian society:

  • Development of ethnography and European Ethnology in Bulgaria (Klaus Roth);
  • rediscovery of traditions and construction of the Bulgarian national identity (Nikolay Vukov);
  • Bulgarian food and nutrition (Evgenia Blagoeva);
  • the Bulgarian ethnographic museums in the transition years (Nikolay Nenov);
  • family, gender and patriarchy (Anna Luleva);
  • youth culture in the second half of the 20th century (Yana Yancheva);
  • transition from a socialist planned economy to a global economy - ethnological study of labor culture (Ivanka Petrova);
  • the cultural organizations of Turks in Bulgaria and their identity in the 21st century - from ethnic to supranational (Bozhidar Alexiev);
  • the working and living world of labor migrants, towards constructing a transnational identity (Nacho Dimitrov);
  • Orthodoxy and local cult (Vihra Baeva);
  • transformations and religious life of the Bulgarian Muslims (Evgenia Troeva), ideological rhetoric and actual labor behavior in the everyday life of real socialism (Dorotiya Dobreva);
  • the phenomenon of "folk music" - symbolic meanings and social functions (Katerina Gel); stage presentation of folk music (Lozanka Peicheva);
  • transformation of social relations in the period of socialism: friendships (Milena Benovska-Sabkova);
  • Europe and the discourses of Europeanization (Petar Petrov).

The publication presents the Bulgarian ethnology in front of the German research area and contributes to the academic dialogue. The contents of the book in German can be seen here:  jahrbuch-fuer-europeische-ethnologie-inhalt