BAS is hosting the Olympic National Conference on Natural Sciences and Innovation

ino DSC_0095Olympiad contestants from around the world gather in Bulgaria to establish a global network      

Several generations of Bulgarian contestants in Natural Sciences Olympiads, most of whom are winners of gold medals and prestigious awards from international competitions, are taking part in the second Olympic National Conference on Natural Sciences and Innovation, which started today, 20 December 2016, in the Great Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski and the President of the Union of Mathematicians Acad. Peter Kenderov opened the two-day event, which is held under the patronage of President Rosen Plevneliev.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and its institutes are among the most active in the preparation of young Bulgarian talents, said in his address the President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski. He reminded everyone that in recent years this activity has been growing and expanding its scope with the creation of the High School Students Institute of BAS.

Acad. Peter Kenderov emphasized the importance of society to identify and develop the most valuable resource - talent. We have to appreciate what Bulgaria has as a system for identifying and developing talented young people - in this respect Bulgarian society is a developed society. “How is it that a small country like Bulgaria can compete in this area with the strongest in the world like the USA, China, Russia, Japan, etc.?”, asked Acad. Kenderov. The high level of our country in this area is due to the fact that this activity engages people with high professionalism, scientists, he said.ino DSC_0038

The establishment of the Network of Science Olympiads Contestants and the Sixth Annual Olympic meeting are being held at the National Archaeological Museum. The initiative aims to stimulate the dialogue about the Olympic movement in the country between representatives of state institutions, business, academics, scientists, educators and students. More than 100 Olympians, among whom the largest group is of mathematicians, will participate in the conference. Bulgarian graduates of MIT, Oxford and Harvard share stories that begin with hard work and medals from Olympiads, pass through some of the most respected schools in the world and reach leading universities, institutes and companies.

The successful cooperation between education and business is one of the highlights of the Olympic Conference, which includes experts from the field of entrepreneurship and leading companies in the field of innovation - SAP South East Europe, Musala Soft, SoftUni, Neterra. They will comment on the achievements of participants in international competitions and the opportunities for scalability of the results worldwide.

The event is organized by the Leaders of the Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (LNSOTA) with the general support of the Foundation "America for Bulgaria", who engage in the preparation and financing of the Bulgarian natural sciences оlympic teams in the high season of International Olympiads. Partners of the conference are the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – BAS, the High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSIMI) - BAS, the Union of Mathematicians in Bulgaria, Musala Soft and the Association of Directors of Mathematical High Schools.

  About the High School Students Institute - BAS:

The purpose of HSSI - BAS is to allow for expression and development of students from 8th to 12th grade who have the desire and inclination towards research in certain fields of science or its applications. Each participant at HSSI - BAS develops a particular topic independently or in collaboration. This is done under the guidance of a teacher, scientist at BAS, university professor, student or other person. The results received during the development are compiled as a "Project" and the authors of the most successful developments are invited to present the project at an organized by BAS Student Scientific Session. The authors awarded by the jury receive academic support for the development of their research interests.