The History of BAS

from 1989 to 2019


At the beginning of 1989, the unified centers and scientific unions for research and staff training were closed down by decision of the Council of Ministers.

On 21 December 1989, the General Assembly of Academicians and Corresponding Members voted for the resignations of some members of the Presidium and accepted new members. Academician Sendov remained President of BAS.

On 28 February 1990, the Presidium of BAS established a Commission on complaints and violations of the rights of scientists, chaired by the international law expert corr.-mem. Alexander Yankov.

15 October 1991 – the Law on BAS was adopted, according to which the Academy was “a national autonomous scientific organization that comprises academic institutes and other autonomous structural units”.

9 December 1991- The first General Assembly elected Academician Jordan Malinovski acting President of BAS as well as his vice-presidents and scientific secretaries by divisions.

In the picture: Academician Jordan Malinovski


In January 1992, a Commission was set up to examine the participation of the Academy in the “Revival Process”, headed by Prof. Ivan Bozhilov.
10 February 1992– a new Committee on Ethics, headed by Prof. Nikolay Yanev, was set up.

6 July 1992 – A regular management of the Academy was elected in the face of Academician Jordan Malinovski.

29 June 1992- The First General Assembly voted the Statute of BAS according to which the Academy is a national autonomous organization that conducts fundamental research, promotes it and trains highly specialized staff.

16 May 1994 – By order of the President of BAS, a Council for Bulgarian Studies Abroad was established, chaired by Prof. Dr. Anisava Miltenova, with printed edition Bulgarica.

1994 – Attestation and redundancies of scientists and units of BAS were conducted.

1994 – Academician Malinovski was awarded a prize by the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters “for the determination, persistence and consistency” with which he was conducting the reform as President of BAS.

In the picture: Bulgarica Journal


On 8 April 1996, Academician Ivan Juhnovski was elected President of BAS. He was re-elected President of the Academy until 2008.

The “Information Bulletin of BAS” was first issued in July 1996.

In January 1997, a Training Center was established at BAS.

1999 – BAS joined the European exchange scheme.

2002 – BAS became a member of the European Science Foundation.

In the picture: Ivan Juhnovski


2005 – An Innovation Center to attract contacts from the country and abroad was opened, which, in 2010, was renamed Joint Innovation Center of BAS. It became a coordinating unit BAS in the policy of innovations, patent and project competence.

In 2007, a National Anthropological Museum and a National Center for nuclear magnetic resonance were opened at BAS.

18 June 2008 – V General Assembly elected Academician Nikola Sabotinov President of BAS.

2008 – the first Regional Academic Centers, in Plovdiv and Varna, were established

May-November 2009 – The academy was under international review by external evaluators from the European Science Foundation and the European Federation of National Academies of Sciences (ALLEA). As a whole, the experts’ conclusion was that “the majority of BAS institutes carry out valuable research according to international standards.”

2010 – on the basis of the international evaluation and the national attestation, a reform was carried out at BAS whereas the institutes consolidated and became 42, plus 5 specialized units united in 9 main scientific divisions.

In the picture: The National Anthropological Museum at BAS


On 31 March 2011, the Law on the Development of the Academic Staff of the Republic of Bulgaria which equates the academic positions at BAS and the higher education institutions came into force.

11 June 2012 – The VI General Assembly elected Academician Stefan Dodunekov President of BAS.

August-December 2012 – due to the death of Academician Dodunekov, acting President became Prof. Eugene Nickolov.

2013 – a new general academic journal: “Papers of BAS. Humanities and Social Sciences” was first issued – in Bulgarian and English in electronic form, and on paper – only in English.

On 3 December 2012, the VI General Assembly elected Academician Stefan Vodenicharov President of BAS.

On 1 December 2016, the VII General Assembly elected Academician Julian Revalski President of BAS.

2017-2018 campaign “BAS is presenting its institutes”

2018 – BAS developed a Strategy for the Development of BAS in view of the National Strategy 2017-2030

2018 – The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of BAS transfers to the Ministry of Education and Science

2019 – Celebrations of the 150th anniversary of BAS

In the picture: Acad. Julian Revalski