“The ocean, our climate and weather” is the theme of this year’s World Meteorological Day. On this day, we celebrate the important role of science in the study of weather, climatic fluctuations and change. Research, both theoretical through the creation of models and technological through the creation and improvement of methods, instruments and programs for monitoring and processing information, defines the unifying theme of this day in 2021: “The ocean, our climate and weather.”. 

March 22 marks World Water Day which this year will be held under the motto  “Valuing Water”.

The value of water is much more than its price – water has a huge and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economy and the integrity of our natural environment. If we ignore any of these values, we run the risk of mismanaging this exhaustible, irreplaceable resource.

At the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, basic and applied research in the field of climate, climatic fluctuations and water resources is carried out by the Climate, Atmosphere and Water Research Institute (CAWRI). CAWRI is the successor of some traditional in BAS scientific research in atmospheric physics, climatology, climate change, study and management of water resources.

Lecture by Prof. Natalya Kilifarska on the topic Ocean and atmosphere – engines of climate change on Earth can be seen here.

750 pupils took part in the CAWRI Climate Box project, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under the Education with Science program. During the training, students learned more about physicochemical processes in the atmosphere, climate change and sustainable conservation of water resources.

See what the third-graders from 36 High School “Maxim Gorky” – Sofia think about the profession of meteorologist here.

You can see the answers to the question “Where does the water in the tap come from?” here.