Research division

Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency

The problems of energetics, of the building and application of renewable energy sources, and the increased efficiency of conventional energy resources use are central to the research and development at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Research activities are related to scientific servicing of the nuclear energy and safety of Kozloduy NPP, nuclear technologies in industry, medicine and national security, to the prevention of the illegal traffic of radioactive materials.

Pursuant to Bulgaria’s priorities and long-term energy interests, technological processes and materials are developed, and elements and devices are created for the use of solar energy in households and industry and for the optimization of industrial electricity generation by transforming solar energy into electricity.

The development of the Bulgarian school in the field of electrochemical sources of current – batteries and accumulators as well as in the field of hydrogen energy and fuel elements continues.

Fields of particular interest are chemical technologies focused on the development of engineering solutions for “green” and waste-free technologies, integrated management of household, industrial and hazardous wastes and their use as raw materials’ sources.

For the period 2014-2016, the units of the division attracted more than 2.1 million EUR under the EU Research Program – Horizon 2020. The total funding attracted for 2016 under contracts for research developments was 2.5 million BGN.