Acad. DSc Lachezar Traykov, Corr. Memb. Ilza Pajeva and Corr. Memb. Ivan Granitski were awarded with the Honorary Badge of the Head of State. The ceremony of awarding public figures of education, science, culture and art was held on 16 May in the Coat of Arms Hall at 2, Dondukov Blvd..

“Our society highly appreciates your patriotism, talent, hard work and devotion,” the Head of State said and noted that with their significant successes the honorees contribute to the affirmation of primordial values which are the solid foundation on which modern Bulgaria should be built.

Acad. Lachezar Traykov received the award on the occasion of his 65th anniversary, for his highly significant contribution as a respected physician, eminent scientist and university lecturer in the field of neurology, as well as for the merits of his overall activity to the development and international authority of the modern Bulgarian medical scientific school.

An honorary badge was awarded to Corr. Memb. Ilza Pajeva on the occasion of her 70th anniversary, for her contribution as an internationally recognized scientist and scientific leader in the field of biological sciences, as well as for her academic services to the development and authority of modern Bulgarian science.

Corr. Memb. Ivan Granitski was awarded the President’s Badge of Honour for his highly significant public role as a writer, poet, journalist, editor, publicist and publisher, as well as for the merits of his overall creative and scientific contribution to the development and authority of contemporary Bulgarian literature, journalism and publishing. The award is also on the occasion of his 70th anniversary.