Research division

Astronomy, Space Research and Technologies

Within the division, research is carried out in the field of astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace systems and technologies.

Considerable success has been achieved in studying the development of stars and star clusters and in the search for planets outside the solar system. The achievements in the study of the Sun and the small bodies – the asteroids and comets in the solar system – are world recognized. They have been made thanks to the effective use of the National Astronomical Observatory “Rozhen” which is a national, regional and European astronomical center for research and education.

One of the main areas of the activity is satellite data acquisition and processing and remote observation of the Earth’s surface. Remote and direct methods and equipment for the exploration of the Earth space and planets used for various scientific and applied tasks have been developed. Scientific equipment and research systems for studies with rockets, satellites, planetary probes and piloted space flights have been developed. Data on climate change from solar and cosmic origin is collected. Significant experience has been gained in space biotechnology, biomedical space research and telemedicine.