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Proceedings of the National Conference on Catalysis

Proceedings of the National Conference on Catalysis publishes abstracts of oral and poster presentations made at the National Catalysis Conferences. The annual National Catalysis Conferences are organized by the Bulgarian Catalysis Club and, in recent years, have also included a scientific session on catalysis for students, PhD students and young scientists.

The Bulgarian Catalysis Club (BCC) is a voluntary, non-governmental, independent, creative and professional association of scientists, lecturers, specialists, PhD students and students working in the field of catalysis in order to unite efforts to develop the science of catalysis in Bulgaria in scientific and scientifically applied aspect. The journal helps to improve skills and competence in the field of catalysis.

In English language.

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Institute of Catalysis
11 Acad. G. Bonchev Str.
1113 Sofia

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Institute of Catalysis