The publication “150 years Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Temple of Knowledge” is the first encyclopaedic edition of BAS which brings together in one book a wide range of topics related to both the diverse scientific activity and the centuries-old history of the Academy. In a popular science and comprehensible form, it presents the contemporary image of BAS and its scientific potential, the 150-year history of organisational and scientific activity and the significant achievements of academic scientists in all fields of knowledge.

The first part of the book – “The Academy in the XXI century”, introduces the organization of the contemporary scientific structure which unites 42 autonomous scientific institutes and the community of academicians and corresponding members. All institutes from the nine scientific divisions are presented through the topics they work on, the projects and their significant achievements. The units that play an important role in the promotion of science – the national museums, the observatory and the botanic garden, are united in a separate part entitled “Remarkable meetings with science”. Special attention is paid to its more attractive design which will draw the attention of readers. Separate topics are devoted to the scientific potential and the key role of the Academy in the national scientific programs and projects, to the expert role of BAS in favour of the society and the state. Educational, publishing and international activities are presented.

The second part “The Scientific Organisation over the Years” traces in an extended chronicle the main stages and processes in the history of the Academy from its establishment as a Bulgarian Learned Society until today. The precisely selected information is supported by archival materials, statutes, regulations, decisions of the management bodies of BAS, government decrees, laws, decrees on the work of the academy and other documents. The founders and presidents of the scientific organisation are presented with short biographical articles and portraits. The topic of donation, which accompanies the Academy from its establishment until today, is discussed.

The third part “Development of Science at BAS” is the first attempt in a publication of the Academy to trace the history of science through the contributions of academic scientists, their developments, discoveries and achievements. Special attention is paid to the most prominent Bulgarian scientists whose discoveries and inventions are recognized by the international scientific community and raise the prestige of Bulgarian science. The role of BAS in the creation of new branches of industry in our country, the development of information technology, computerization, robotics, the energies of the future, the development of innovative technologies, the participation of research teams in European framework programs and others are highlighted.

The guidelines for the future development of the Academy are synthesized in the final part of the book, devoted to the Development Strategy of BAS for the period 2018-2030.

The jubilee edition is luxurious, colourful, on glossy paper, richly illustrated. It was developed and compiled by a team of the Scientific Information Center “Bulgarian Encyclopedia” at BAS under the supervision of an Editorial Board, with the help of scientific consultants from all scientific fields and with the active support of the President of BAS. The artistic design and printing is the work of “Prof. Marin Drinov” Publishing House of BAS.

The book is bilingual – in Bulgarian and English, and will be of interest both to Bulgarian and foreign scientists as well as to curious readers with scientific interests.