21 March marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Dr. Petar Beron

Three of the Revival editions of the “Fish Primer” by Dr. Petar Beron are stored in the Central Library of BAS (CL-BAS). The valuable books can be viewed online in the electronic catalogue and the digital library CL-BAS. March 21st marks the 150th anniversary of the death of the Bulgarian Revival teacher, doctor, scientist and benefactor. He wrote his famous “Fish Primer” when he was only 24 years old, introducing a new and revolutionary for the time being method of teaching.

A copy of the first “Primer with various instructions” published in 1824 and known as the “Fish Primer” because of the drawing of a whale in it can be viewed here: http://digilib.nalis.bg/xmlui/handle/nls/34412. The book was donated to CL-BAS by Nikola Nachov in the 1930s.

His collection of old printed books also includes an edition of the primer from 1847:  http://digilib.nalis.bg/xmlui/handle/nls/34413

The Central Library of BAS also keeps a copy of the 1850 edition of the Fish Primer, which was part of Stoyan Mihaylovski’s personal library: http://digilib.nalis.bg/xmlui/handle/nls/34414

Due to the great interest in the textbook, it has undergone 7 editions for 20 years, and its author Dr. Petar Beron has enjoyed high respect.

The Scientific Archive of BAS keeps a digital copy of a letter sent by Dr. Petar Beron to the Bulgarian Learned Society in 1870.