The Assembly of Academicians has elected today new Corresponding Members in the fields of Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Earth Sciences.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Branch

Department of Physical Sciences:

Corresponding Member Prof. Alexandar Alexandrov Drayshu, DSc

Born in 1961. Leading scientist in the field of photonics (nonlinear optics, singular optics and ultrashort femtosecond pulse optics). He established the first scientific group in Bulgaria on singular optics and a school of singular and femtosecond photonics. He headed the Department of Quantum Electronics at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University. DSc (2001), Professor (2004).

Department of Chemical Sciences:

Corresponding Member Evelina Pavlova Slavcheva, DSc

Born in 1961. She is a distinguished specialist in the extremely topical scientific field of “hydrogen storage and use of hydrogen energy”. Evelina Slavcheva’s research and contributions are in the field of electrochemistry and electrochemical materials science, in particular hydrogen electrochemical technologies and systems, in which she has made pioneering developments. She works at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems of BAS. She has been a professor since 2011.

   Corresponding Member Vladimir Bojinov Bojinov, DSc

Born in 1956. He is a world-renowned scientist in the design and synthesis of fluorescent compounds with programmed properties at molecular level and their application in high technologies. He has carried out a number of developments related to the preparation of: unconventional, photostable emitting materials of a fundamentally new type with optical-sensoring characteristics towards highly toxic and pathogenic objects. He works at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy – Sofia.  He has been a professor since 2007.

Department of Earth Sciences:

 Corresponding Member Stanislav Vassilev Vassilev

Born in 1959. He works at the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography of BAS. Stanislav Vassilev’s scientific interests are in the fields of mineralogy and geochemistry of coal, coke, their waste products and biomass as well as the environmentally friendly use of these materials and products in industry. His scientific output has one of the highest Hirsch index values ever recorded at BAS – 37, and 33 of his publications are among the top 10% most highly cited in their respective scientific fields worldwide.

   Corresponding Member Kristalina Hristova Stoykova, DSc

Born in 1959. She works at the Geological Institute of BAS. Scientific interests are in the fields of paleontology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleogeography and regional geology. She is a pioneer in Bulgarian micropaleontology with the introduction of taxonomic and biostratigraphic studies on the very promising group of calcareous nannofossils for the first time as well as for the establishment of new species of ammonites for science. Kristalina Stoykova’s research has been crucial for important discoveries in the regional geology of the Balkan Peninsula, the Iberian Peninsula and Antarctica. Through them, fundamentally new knowledge has been obtained and new concepts have been proven, which have been used in the compilation of new geological maps and serve as a basis for the search and exploration of mineral and energy raw materials.