BioBlitz survey on invasive alien species (IAS) will be conducted on 21 May 2022, in the region of Pancharevo Lake, Sofia Municipality. The survey has been organised at European level under the COST Action CA17122 Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science (Alien CSI) ( Fish Migration Day will be celebrated as an accompanying event. Fish sampling methods will be demonstrated to the participants and they will be informed about the direct and indirect threats to native ichthyofauna arising from changed hydromorphological conditions and other human impact, including invasive alien species.

BioBlitz participants are invited to go out and by using the phone applications ‘Invasive Alien Species in Europe’ and ‘iNaturalist’ (BioBlitz IAS Bulgaria project) to take photos and record observations of alien species to collect data for the region. The participants’ observations will help our efforts to document alien and invasive alien species (IAS) of plants and animals of concern to European Union, Bulgaria and the Danube River basin. According to their interests, participants can select and join a field team, focusing on a particular group of organisms (plants, terrestrial invertebrates, aquatic animals). The field teams will be led by experts who will help to sample and identify the target species if necessary, but an active contribution by the participants is expected. For the purpose of recording their observations, the participants will need a phone or tablet.

Further information for the BioBlitz survey, for the apps, and for the IAS, which can be observed and registered in the region, may be found at the following links:

For registration to participate in the BioBlitz and to receive more detailed information please contact us at: