The ICCGE20 International Scientific Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy with over 600 participants took place in Naples from 30 July to 4 August. The conference covered all aspects of crystal growth, epitaxy, new materials with applications in photonics, optoelectronics, energy storage, biomedicine, cleantech, etc.

On the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the birth of Academician Rostislaw Kaischew, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of BAS, together with the ICCGE20 organizing committee, established an award for the best oral presentation by a young scientist at the conference.

An international jury named Dr. Artur Tuktamyshev (University of Milano – Bicocca) for the presentation “Droplet nucleation on a vicinal surface: temperature-activated transitions of a density dependence” and PhD student Isha Bade (Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London) for the presentation “Regrowth Behaviour in Pharmaceutical Crystals – A Case Study on Paracetamol”.