On 29 – 30 May 2024, a jubilee scientific conference “Cultural Heritage – Art – Museums” will be held in honour of Corr. Memb. Mila Santova. The interdisciplinary forum discusses topics in the field of art studies, museology, tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The official opening of the event was honoured by Vice President Iliana Iotova. She addressed Corr. Memb. Mila Santova with the words “You are a true encyclopaedist, there are few such people not only in Europe but also in the world”. In her speech, the Vice President pointed out that there was a lot of talk about linking cultural and historical heritage with tourism but there was no legal framework for this policy.

Special greetings to Corr. Memb. Santova were made by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elka Traykova, Scientific Secretary of the “Cultural and Historical Heritage and National Identity” Division at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Prof. Dr. Vladimir Penchev – Director of IEFSEM – BAS, Prof. Dr. Stefan Belishki – Deputy Rector of the National Academy of Art and many other representatives of scientific and cultural institutions. In the congratulatory addresses, the significant contributions of Corr. Memb. Mila Santova in the study, promotion and safeguarding of the Bulgarian intangible cultural heritage and her active work for the representation of small local communities that preserve cultural memory were noted.

Corr. Memb. Prof. Mila Santova, DSc is a lead researcher in the field of art studies, folklore studies, ethnology, cultural anthropology, museology, tangible and intangible cultural heritage. She is a highly valued expert in international commissions and UNESCO structures, working actively in the field of cultural science administration and cultural policy development in the country.