Expert and operative activity, innovations

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences performs specific operative activities directly serving the state and society.

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, with their scientific potential and expertise, are the human resources needed by society and the state to solve important national tasks, to develop strategies and expert opinions on key priorities of the country.

The Academy maintains and develops a network of contacts with business organizations to develop innovative products and services. Over the last 20 years, BAS has been the leader among Bulgarian organizations by number of registered patents and utility models. Each year, their number exceeds several times the total number of registrations from all Higher Education Institutions in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences conducts scientific research in accordance with  universal values, national traditions and interests. It participates in the development of world science and helps to multiply the spiritual and material wealth of the nation.

Expert activity in favor of the society and state

BAS units are a sought-after partner by state, cultural and educational institutions, industry, energetics, environment, agriculture to carry out tasks which require expertise.

In 2016, scientists from the Academy participated in numerous scientific councils, expert committees and other advisory bodies at scientific organizations, universities, ministries and various governmental and social structures, presenting over 9300 written expert opinions, reports and reviews.

BAS actively creates and develops business relationships. Contracts for research with organizations from the country and abroad account for 35% of the Academy’s own revenues. Half of them are with organizations from abroad.


Written expert opinions, reports and reviews by scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2016

Operative activity