Research division

Climate Change, Hazards and Natural Resources

Conducting meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological observations is the basis for creating forecasts for the needs of the state and society. Twenty-four-hour observations provide an in-depth study of climate change and its impact on various economic sectors, including crops and water resources. Particular attention is paid to the improvement of early warning systems related to hazardous meteorological and hydrological phenomena.

Geosystems and Geosciences (mineral, energy and groundwater) research on the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula aims at supporting the sustainable development of modern society and limiting the consequences of natural hazards.

Operational and expert information in the field of seismology, early warning of risky events, seismic vulnerability analysis of buildings, engineering facilities and infrastructure provide the necessary conditions for the formation of science-based policies in the field of natural and man-made hazards.

Creating the necessary prerequisites for sustainable use of our Black Sea coastline includes management of living and non-living marine resources, geology and geomorphology of the seabed, dynamics and integrated coastal zone management.