Research division

Biodiversity, Bioresources and Ecology

Bulgaria is among the European countries with the richest biodiversity. The fauna of vertebrates and invertebrates and the diversity of plant species are extremely rich in comparison to the relatively small area of ​​the country.

The study of biodiversity is essential for the implementation of a national policy based on knowledge in the field of nature conservation and the development of the country’s green strategy. The diversity of our flora and fauna has significant value as a biological resource important for the livelihood of the population and the country’s economy. Their sustainable management is important for the development and improvement of public welfare.

The Natura 2000 program is of great importance for the preservation of Bulgaria’s biodiversity, the long-term conservation of specific plant and animal species and the places they live in. Preserved nature means preserved soil, water, air and natural resources. It is capital for the development of successful business – ecotourism, organic farming, sustainable forestry.