The research focus in the division is on advanced materials and innovative technologies which are a guarantee of sustainable economic and social growth. Interdisciplinary fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of chemistry, physics and technology is carried out.

A new generation of (nano) materials with defined and desirable properties and controlled structure are created, designed for a wide range of applications in medicine and pharmacy, electronics and photonics, environmental protection, restoration and conservation of cultural and historical heritage and national security.

Innovative and highly efficient (nano) technologies are developed to produce high added value products some of which have been implemented by national and international companies. Leading research in the country is conducted in the field of “green”, energy-efficient and resource-efficient use of raw materials, natural resources, materials from renewable sources as well as recovery of waste and by-products from various industries. New functional materials and technologies that are effective for air, water and soil purification are created.

The available and largely renewed scientific base and the modern and high-tech infrastructure that has been purchased speak of the high quality of the research carried out by the division.  With the aid of the equipment, modern analyses are performed and modern methods of characterization are used which is a guarantee for conducting competitive research and development activities.

The division is a leading one at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in terms of funding attracted from scientific projects and research development contracts: BGN 19.3 million in 2016.