Research division

Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies

The units in division “Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies” develop the established scientific traditions of Bulgaria in the field of mathematics and informatics.

Fundamental research performed in the field of mathematics is a prerequisite for creating innovations in education, industry and the financial sector. Applied research in fields such as mechanics, composites, biomechanics and mechatronics lead to the creation of technologies for studying and non-destructive testing of product quality, intelligent modelling and prosthesis of structures and functions of the human body. A product of BAS informatics is technology for processing and management of knowledge and modelling of educational processes, for optimization and support of decision making, signal processing and image recognition.

Embedded intelligent devices, specialized sensors, implementing devices and sensor systems of new principles, micro- and nanosystems and devices-manipulators, robots and mechatronic systems for micro- and nanotechnologies are developed to solve complex industry problems. Unique tools, software tools and engineering support for research, technical security systems, defense and environmental protection have been developed.

A research quality indicator is the success rate of the projects with which the teams from the division apply for financing in the sessions of the National Science Fund: 62.5% of the projects submitted in 2016 were approved. For the period 2014-2016, more than 2 million Euros were attracted in the sessions of the European Horizon 2020 program. The total funding attracted for scientific projects and research contracts by the division in 2016 was BGN 5.5 million.

Along with research, discovering and developing young talents in the field of mathematics and informatics has become traditional. In the years after 1959, national teams in mathematics and informatics, traditionally led by scientists from the division, have brought hundreds of medals from international competitions. Initiatives like PupIMI have been recognized at national level and have grown into Academy-wide ones.