The research in this division is aimed at studying, preserving and popularizing the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage as part of the common European cultural tradition and history.

The main spheres of research in the humanities are: Bulgarian studies, Balkan history, Thracology, Cyrillo-Methodian Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Historiography, Medievalism, Musicology, Dramatic Art, Fine Arts, Screen Arts, Architecture, Ethnology, Folklore, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology , Museology and others.

Information technologies, electronic publishing and digitization of bulk information of the cultural, historical and scientific heritage are implemented, and digital repositories are created to systematize the samples of this heritage and to make effective access to them.

Planned, rescue and emergency archaeological researches and field studies are carried out, and active participation is taken in the preparation to realize national infrastructure projects – highways, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, coal and mineral mining as well as in projects related to the organization of cultural tourism.

Analyses of phenomena related to ancient, medieval, traditional, new, contemporary and modern culture in the context of its specific role in building national, Balkan and European identities in a globalizing world are made.