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The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the leading scientific, spiritual and expert center of Bulgaria. It conducts research, training and activities of national and international importance and solves problems related to the development of Bulgarian society and state.

The Academy has a consistent policy for the development of science and innovation as a condition for economic progress in the country. It is an active participant in the European Research Area.

Today, BAS comprises 42 autonomous scientific units and is an organization governed in accordance with democratic principles. The Academy employs about 3,000 scientists, accounting for about 15% of those engaged with science in Bulgaria. BAS produces about half of the scientific output in the country.

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences conducts scientific research in accordance with universal values, national traditions and interests. It participates in the development of world science and helps to multiply the spiritual and material wealth of the nation.


The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the leading scientific center in Bulgaria.

Scientific and applied research in nine divisons covering all areas of human knowledge is conducted in the Academy.

Forty-two scientific institutes and 8 specialized units, each of which is an independent legal entity, are building the research infrastructure of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


The expert potential of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is intensively used to carry out specific operative activities directly serving state and society. Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences represent highly-qualified expert resources which makes them a sought-after partner in solving important national tasks, elaborating strategies and expert opinions on key priorities for the country.

The Academy maintains a network of contacts with business organizations to develop innovative products and services. Over the last 20 years, BAS has been the leader among Bulgarian organizations by number of registered patents and utility models. Their number has exceeded several times the total number of registrations of all higher education institutions in Bulgaria.


The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is committed to all levels of education. The Academy’s units are accredited to teach PhD students in dozens of programs. Together with Higher Education Institutions from and outside Bulgaria, training programs are organized for students in the Bachelor and Master degrees. The Academy is a leading center for enhancing teachers’ qualifications, and a number of initiatives aimed at improving secondary and primary education have become traditional.

Governing bodies

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest collective governing body of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The members of the General Assembly are elected by scientists occupying positions at the academic institutes. The General Assembly adopts and amends the statute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, elects the President and Vice-Presidents, the Scientific Secretary-General and the members of the Governing Council of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is the body that provides the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly.

The Governing Council prepares and proposes decisions concerning the activities of the Academy before the General Assembly; elects the directors of the permanent scientific units, organizes periodic evaluations of the independent scientific units and the general academic international cooperation.

Management Board

The President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences represents the Academy in the country and abroad.

The President organizes and directs the implementation of general academic tasks and administers the budget of BAS, in accordance with the decisions of the General Assembly. The Vice-Presidents, the  Scientific Secretary-General and the Scientific Secretaries assist the President in his work.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences supports the development of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the effective management of its financial resources and property.

The Board of Trustees of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences controls the spending of the budget subsidy, coordinates the financial policy of the Academy and exercises control over the manner and order of management and disposal of the property of BAS provided by the State.

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