Challenges of new materials and applications presented by the Institute of Solid State Physics

The Institute of Solid State Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is celebrating its 49th anniversary with the exhibition “Challenges of New Materials and Applications”. The exhibition in the foyer in front of “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of the central building of BAS presents the development and achievements of the scientists from the Laboratory of Optics and Spectroscopy. […]

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Cutting-edge methods for converting renewable marine energy are developed by scientists of BAS

Three unique natural energy conversion technologies are being developed by scientists at the Centre for Hydro and Aerodynamics at the Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies of BAS. The developments are the result of research aimed at efficient use of the vast natural resource and decarbonisation of maritime transport. New wave energy converters The aim of the technology is to use passive methods of auxiliary propulsion that will significantly lower fuel costs and harmful emissions of ships with conventional internal combustion engines. The basic idea is to use the wave energy contributed by the ship's vertical oscillations during wave motion to generate auxiliary propulsion and/or electrical power. Using wave energy to generate electricity is not a new idea. The innovation of this development lies [...]

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State-of-the-art еquipment explores polymeric nutraceutical and cosmetic formulations

 New laboratories with modern equipment for innovative polymer materials were opened at the Institute of Polymers of BAS. The equipment is part of the Centre of Competence "Sustainable Utilization of Bioresources and Waste of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Innovative Bioactive Products" at the Department of Polymeric Nutraceutical and Cosmetic Formulations. The aim of the project is to produce innovative products of plant origin with high added value, used as food supplements and cosmetics. In the official opening ceremony of the new scientific research facility at the Institute of Polymers took part the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Prof. Neli Koseva, the Vice-President of BAS Prof. Evdokia Pasheva, representatives of the Institute of Polymers and partner organizations of the project. Scientific experiments and research [...]

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Bulgarian scientists with awards for innovative developments in the field of nanostructures and microwave pollution

The “Academician Emil Djakov” Award for scientific contribution to radiophysics, physics and quantum electronics was presented at a ceremony at the Institute of Electronics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The Scientific Council of the Institute awarded the prize to two teams of researchers who have made the greatest scientific breakthroughs in the past year. […]

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