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50 years Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of BAS

  BAS awarded with Honorary Plaque GOLDEN the Institute The Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences celebrated 50 years since its establishment with a solemn assembly which was held in “Prof. Marin Drinov" Hall of the Academy. The Institute was awarded a honorary plaque GOLDEN by BAS. The award is for outstanding contribution to the development of modern fundamental and applied research in the field of nuclear physics, theoretical and mathematical physics, rector physics, etc. and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation. The Vice President of BAS Corr. Mem. Stefan Hadjidodorov presented the plaque and a congratulatory address on behalf of the Academy's leadership to the Director, Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Georgiev. The fundamental [...]

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Scientists presented projects under EPLUS NSP

Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and higher education institutions in the country presented in “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of BAS presented the results of their research under the National Programme "Low Carbon Energy for Transport and Domestic Use" (EPLUS). The information meeting was opened by the head of the programme, Acad. Konstantin Hadjiivanov, who presented the partners and the main tasks for the research teams. The President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy, welcomed the participants in the forum and said that the participation in the national scientific programmes of researchers from BAS and universities is an example of good interaction between them. Within the framework of the EPLUS programme, demonstration research projects have also been funded. A demonstration [...]

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New generation of batteries being developed by scientists of BAS

A demonstration pilot installation for advanced production of gas diffusion electrodes for metal-air batteries, being built at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Power Systems of BAS (IEES-BAS), was presented for the first time at the Sofia Science Festival 2022. Scientists at the institute are developing zinc-air, magnesium-air and lead-air batteries, with efforts focused on improving rechargeable metal-hydride-air batteries. The advantages of these batteries for stationary applications, including renewable energy storage, are low weight, low cost, safety in operation and the use of environmentally friendly materials. In addition to stationary applications, they can also be used as batteries in hybrid vehicles as they are lighter and have a higher capacity than the nickel-metal hydride batteries currently used. This fact is due to the unlimited capacity of [...]

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Memorial tablet of Acad. Evgeni Budevski in IEES-BAS

As a sign of deep gratitude to their patron, Acad. Evgeni Budevski, on the day of 100 years since his birthday - 29 July 2022, the team of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems of BAS (IEES-BAS) organized a ceremony for the unveiling of his memorial tablet. In her commemorative address Corr. Mem. Evelina Slavcheva, Director of IEES-BAS, alumnus and follower of the work of Acad. Budevski, spoke about the charming leadership traits of the founder and long-time director of the Central Laboratory of Electrochemical Power Sources - CLEPS (now IEES-BAS). Owing to them, many teams of the unit have achieved world-recognized successes in various fields of electrochemical basic and applied science. As a brilliant scientist himself, he has left a rich legacy of [...]

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Second information day on the project “Centre of Competence HITMOBIL”

The Second Information Day of the “Centre of Competence HITMOBIL” Project, held on 21 June, brought together representatives of the project partners, the Managing Authority and businesses interested in the field of electrochemical systems for green energy. Corr. Mem. Evelina Slavcheva, Head of CoC HITMOBIL, presented the overall progress in the implementation of the three modules of the project: M1 - Industrial Research, M2 - Experimental Development and M3 - Dissemination and Technology Transfer. She summarized the achievements in the construction of the six laboratories under the first two modules (five of them already completed and the sixth under construction due to the complexity of the site).  Emphasis was placed on the infrastructure of the completed Laboratory 3 "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells" and the problems [...]

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Demonstration project for hydrogen deployment in transport is being developed by BAS

A prototype of a trolleybus, which Bulgarian scientists of BAS are transforming into a hydrogen-powered transport vehicle, was shown to the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel, the Executive Director of the public-private partnership “Clean Hydrogen” Bart Biebuyck, and the President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy. The development of Bulgaria's first demonstration project for hydrogen deployment in transport was presented at “Levski” trolleybus depot. For the first time in Bulgaria the "retro fitting" method is applied to transform a trolleybus into a hydrogen electric vehicle. The trolleybus will not only be powered by overhead lines, but will also perform a 100-kilometre hydrogen run. The development is part of the implementation of the National Scientific Programme [...]

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