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76 years “Stephan Angeloff” Institute of Microbiology

The 76th anniversary of the founding of the "Stephan Angeloff" Institute of Microbiology of BAS was celebrated on March 7 with a solemn assembly and a scientific session. Special guests were Dr. Rebecca Grace, Executive Director of the Pasteur Network and Mr. Arnaud Bauberot, Attaché for Scientific and University Cooperation at the French Embassy in Bulgaria. The director of the institute Prof. Penka Petrova opened the event and presented a plaquette to Dr. Rebecca Grace for her dedication and commitment to the collaboration with the Pasteur Network. An award was also presented to the French Cultural Institute in Bulgaria for supporting scientific activities and promoting good partnership relations. A plaquette for scientific and administrative activity and strengthening of relations in the Pasteur Network was [...]

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BAS signed a cooperation agreement with the Medical University – Varna

The President of BAS Prof. Julian Revalski, Full Member of the Academy, and the Rector of Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna Prof. Dr. Valentin Ignatov signed a framework agreement for cooperation between the two institutions in the field of research, education and innovation. The document provides for the implementation of joint activities between the university and the institutes of the Academy in the field of biomedicine, such as the development of research projects, scientific, applied, expert and information activities, as well as initiatives for the training of students of different educational and qualification levels - graduate students, postgraduates, doctoral students. Courses, individual practical training and scientific guidance of PhD students, as well as exchanges of teachers and specialists are planned. The meeting [...]

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Meeting of Corr. Member Pasheva with Prof. Brian Kennedy

The Vice President of BAS Prof. Evdokia Pasheva met with Professor Brian Kennedy from the National University of Singapore. Prof. Kennedy was accompanied by the Rector of the Medical University of Sofia Acad. Latchezar Traykov and the Vice Rector Assoc. Tsvetalina Tankova. Prof. Brian Kennedy today was awarded by the Medical University of Sofia with the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa. Prof. Kennedy is a pioneer in understanding the biology of aging and longevity, translating research findings into new ways to slow down, prevent and treat human aging and related diseases. The meeting at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was attended by directors of institutes from division “Biomedicine”. Dr. Brian Kennedy is the author of over 170 articles on the topic of human aging. [...]

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15th Congress of Bulgarian Microbiologists with International Participation

The 15th Congress of Bulgarian Microbiologists with international participation was held from 5 to 8 October in Koprivshtitsa. The forum was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the world-famous microbiologist Louis Pasteur, the 75th anniversary of the Institute of Microbiology "Stephan Angeloff" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, declared by the UN General Assembly for 2022. A report on Pasteur's life and work was presented in his honour. The Congress began with an opening lecture by Professor Colin Harwood of Newcastle University, UK, who is a member of the leadership of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS). Various aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic were discussed, with distinguished experts in the field [...]

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100 years since the birth of Acad. Roumen Tsanev

The Institute of Molecular Biology is celebrating 100 years since the birth of Acad. Roumen Tsanev. The director of the institute Prof. Iva Ugrinova opened the three-day forum, which will last until 7 October in “Prof. Marin Drinov" Hall of the Academy. Acad. Tsanev formulated the first hypothesis of epigenetic regulation based on the histone code - an idea that has developed into a mainstream of modern science. Histones are the proteins that package DNA in the nucleus of the cell, and their chemical modifications are associated with specific levels of packaging and therefore affect gene expression. Acad. Roumen Tsanev (1922 - 2007) is the founder of Bulgarian molecular biology and the founder of the Institute of Molecular Biology (1960). The main directions of research [...]

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Third scientific conference “Innovative low-toxic biologically active systems for precision medicine (BioActiveMed)”

The scientific conference was held from 13 to 16 June 2022 at Park-Hotel Kyustendil within the framework of the National Scientific Programme "Innovative low-toxic biologically active substances for precision medicine (BioActiveMed)", with the leading organization Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science. More than 55 scientists participated and presented their interdisciplinary research conducted at seven institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and five universities. The papers were divided into six scientific sessions which presented results on the preparation of new biologically active systems containing extracts from natural sources of plant or animal origin from Bulgaria, their antibacterial and antitumor activity, as well as their anti-infective effect. Results were also presented in two poster sessions. During the [...]

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