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A young scientist from the Institute for the State and Law at BAS with the “Dr. Ilko Eskenazi” award of the International Foundation “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”

Dr. Petar Topurov, Assistant Professor at the Civil Law department of the Institute for the State and Law of BAS, won the annual award for scientific publication in the field of legal science, named after Dr. Ilko Eskenazi. The prize has been awarded since 2005 by the International Foundation "St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and the “Dr. Ilko Eskenazi” Memorial Fund. The competition for the award aims to honour one written work in the fields of "Law" and "Economics" related to the integration of Bulgaria and its membership in the EU and is intended for young scholars up to 35 years of age. This year, the scientific jury awarded the prize to Dr. Petar Topurov for his study entitled "Domestic Violence as a Form of [...]

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A new book “Values, Justice and Mental Wellbeing” by Prof. DSc Ergyul Tair

  A presentation of the book "Values, Justice and Mental Well-being" (Ценности, справедливост и психично благополучие) by Prof. DSc Ergyul Tair from the Department of Psychology of the Institute for Population and Human Studies (IPHS) took place on 18 October at the “Prof. Marin Drinov” Hall of BAS. The director of IPHS Prof. Antoaneta Hristova opened the event by thanking Prof. Tair for reviving the section of occupational and organizational psychology at the institute and highlighted her work as a very thorough scholar in the field of psychology. The book of almost 300 pages is by “Prof. Marin Drinov" Publishing House with reviewers Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, Prof. Snezhana Ilieva and Prof. Sonia Karabeliova. The publication is not only for the narrowly specialized college but is [...]

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MILIEU – Building scientific expertise for research on women with disabilities and their inclusion

The mission of the three-year MILIEU project, which is funded under the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme, is to unlock, foster and sustain research into women, their disabilities and their inclusion in active society. The project promotes international connectivity and increased contacts and fundraising capacity at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IPS) and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. A specific focus of the project is to enhance the knowledge and skills of PhD students and young scholars in IPS and BAS. So far the project has managed to implement several key events. One of them is related to the Summer School in Spain, held as part of the Complutense summer courses in El Escorial - Cursos de Verano. Many young people learned how to [...]

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National conference on “shadow economy” was held at BAS

  On 02.06.2023 the Social Survey Research Center and the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of BAS held a national conference on "Factor Determination of the "Shadow Economy" in the Perceptions of Bulgarian Society: Empirical Study, Results, Interpretations and Policy Recommendations". The Forum was held under a project funded by the Bulgarian National Science Fund. The study is a fundamental research project which presented the results and analytical products of the research carried out in the period 2020-2023. Participants' reports presented different aspects of the "shadow economy". A Shadow Economy Tolerance Index (SETI) was calculated for the first time in Bulgaria. This index gives an idea of the relative share of "shadow practices" in Bulgaria and was specifically designed for the purpose of the project. [...]

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Scientific session “50 Years of Psychology at BAS: Development of Scientific Knowledge about Man”

On May 29, a jubilee scientific session "50 YEARS OF PSYCHOLOGY AT BAS: Development of Scientific Knowledge about Man" was held, organised by the Department of Psychology of the Institute for Population and Human Studies - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPHS-BAS), dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the first academic unit of psychology at BAS. The event was attended by public figures, representatives of the academic community and business, collaborators of the Institute and others. The Forum was opened with a welcome address by the Director of IPHS-BAS, Prof. Antoaneta Hristova, PhD and the Head of the Department of Psychology Assoc. Prof. Maria Trifonova. More than 20 congratulatory addresses were delivered, including from the Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, [...]

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The economists of BAS: higher-than-usual inflation and low growth rates expected by 2025

  A higher inflation rate compared to the average for the EU member states and a low probability of meeting the Maastricht inflation criterion, on which our accession to the euro area by 2025 depends, predict the researchers from the Economic Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Mainly, the reasons for this are caused by external factors - high energy prices and the military conflict in Ukraine but we should not exclude some controversial decisions in the field of economic policy, such as the implementation of measures that do not take into account the real financial capabilities of the country, lack of political consensus on important issues for the country, etc. This is stated in the macroeconomic forecast of the economists of BAS [...]

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